The fastest way to share photos with your friends and family

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Get Belynk on your phone.

The best instant upload camera for Facebook period! Select or create a new Facebook album, every picture you take is instantly uploaded to that album as you take it.

Belynk lets you create new Facebook albums for those special events. Imagine it's your birthday, simply open the app, create a new Facebook album and give it a title. Start taking pictures of the event, put your phone in your pocket and Belynk will handle uploading your images as you go about your day.

Sharing pictures on Facebook could not be simpler!


It is simply the best at what it does.

Instant Photo Upload

As soon as a picture is taken it starts uploading to the selected album in your Facebook account with no effort.

Select and Create Facebook Albums

You can select or create new Facebook albums that all photos should be uploaded to from that point forward.

Take Instant Snapshots

At a game or fast moving event? Burst mode allows you to capture those fast moments that your typical camera is too slow to capture!

And it's completely free!

Taking pictures and sharing them on Facebook doesn't get faster or easier than this!

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